Newsletter February 2012

1. AmLight Improves Earthquake Research through increased bandwidth between Mexico and the U.S.
2. Internet2 & New World Symphony 2012 Performing Arts Productions Workshop


AmLight Improves Earthquake Research

AmLight Improves Earthquake Research through increased bandwidth between Mexico and the U.S.
The April 4, 2010 7.2 magnitude El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake, near the US-Mexican border, killed four people and injured over 100. This quake ruptured the Pescadores-Borrego fault system, adjacent to the Laguna Salada fault that produced a similar-sized shaker in 1892. Why the earthquake occurred where it did presents an important challenge to understanding of the physics of earthquake slip and recurrence. Given the fault’s location, international collaboration is a vital part of empowering seismic experts to gain an understanding of this event that will enable them to predict similar events in the future. But that collaboration has been hindered by lack of bandwidth. Read full article here

Internet2 & New World Symphony

nwsInternet2 & New World Symphony 2012 Performing Arts Production Workshop
Where: New World Symphony, Miami Beach, FL
When: 4-6 March, 2012
Explore the elements required to produce performing arts events via advanced networks. The workshop is designed for an audience of educators, technologists, administrators, deans, CIOs, content producers and artists.

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Content will include live demonstrations, real-time experience connecting with remote sites over Internet2 advanced networks, collaborating and developing international partnerships and projects, managing and producing elements including audio, video, projection and lighting, and operating a variety of hardware and software codecs. Attendees will also enjoy a full behind-the-scenes tour of the New World Center designed by Frank Gehry.

For further information please contact:

Jean Pierre Dodel, VP of Technology, New World Symphony:, +1-305-428-6750
Justin Trieger, Internet2 Systems Manager:, 305-428-6756
Ann Doyle, Global & Cultural Collaborations, Internet2:, +1-734-352-7011