Since 2008, AmLight has been evolving its capacity to accommodate new research and academic requirements, increasing bandwidth and providing services as Dynamic Layer 2 Provisioning, Multicast and IPv6. In 2013, AmLight Engineers envisioned the importance of the Software Defined Network concept, and its future into the academic networks concept. In this new concept, Openflow plays an important role. Openflow’s flexibility to accommodate new forwarding techniques and protocols fits perfectly in the AmLight network, due to its focus on being an open instruments for collaboration.

To move towards SDN, the AmLight SDN Project was created in collaboration with Florida International University, RNP, REDNESP, RedClara, REUNA, FLR, AURA and Internet2. The main focus of this project was to create an SDN substrate on top of the current international links between Brazil, Chile and the U.S., providing a better infrastructure for research and experimentation to the Americas’ researchers. In August 2014, AmLight has finally evolved to become a full Software-Defined Network, using Openflow 1.0. In this Web Site, AmLight’s experience is being shared, explaining what the challenges were, how AmLight was configured, and how to get involved and make use of it.

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