AmLight Express and Protect project adds three 200Gbps optical waves for Research and Education between the U.S. and Brazil
Miami, Florida, August 30, 2019, Print pdf

FIU introduced In-band Network Telemetry (INT) project at the European TNC19 conference
Tallin, Estonia – June 18, 2019, Print pdf

Software Developed in Brazil Prepares to Orchestrate Data from Telescope with World’s Largest Digital Camera
Miami, Florida – January 31, 2019, Print English pdf | Portuguese


Amlight-Exp Activates two new 100 Gbps Points-of-Presence Enhancing Infrastructure for Research and Education
Miami, Florida – March 29, 2018, Print pdf


Amlight-Exp Network Infrastructure Demonstrate Large Data-Sets Transfer at SC17
Miami, Florida – December 19, 2017, Print pdf

AMPATH supports the deployment of anycast for improvement of B-Root DNS Services
Miami, Florida – April 20, 2017, Print pdf


AmLight-ExP Networking Team demonstrates high-performance international connectivity at Supercomputing Conference (SC16)
Salt Lake City, Utah – November 15, 2016, Print pdf

AtlanticWave-SDX demonstrates its first distributed Software-Defined Exchange controller
Miami, Florida – September 29, 2016, Print pdf

The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa – RNP) announced 100 Gbps international connections between Brazil and the United States are activated
Brazil – July 8, 2016, Print pdf, Online publication

Americas Lightpaths Express and Protect Activates First US – Latin America 100G Networking Link Enhancing Infrastructure for Research and Education
Miami, Fla. – April 26, 2016, Print pdf

Angola Cables & Americas Lightpaths Consortium Sign Memorandum of Understanding;
Infrastructure for Research and Education
Miami, Fla. – April 1, 2016, Print pdf


FIU/AmLight Deploys ONOS and SDN-IP Software Live on Next-Generation Research and Education Networks Connecting Brazil, Chile and the Caribbean to the US
Miami, Fla. – Aug 20, 2015, Print pdf

Padtec completes Florida LambdaRail Installation
Miami, Fla. – May 4, 2015, Print pdf

AtlanticWave-SDX: A Distributed Intercontinental Experimental Software Defined Exchange for Research & Education Networking
Miami, Florida, April 15, 2015, Print pdf

Americas Lightpaths Express and Protect enhances Infrastructure for Research and Education
Miami, Florida, April 7, 2015, Print pdf


AMLIGHT Network Upgrade adds Software-Defined Networking capability between the U.S. and South America
Miami, Florida, December 5, 2014, Print pdf, For Caltech press release from SC2014 click here.

FIU awarded for AMLIGHT to provide an Advanced International Network for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) through 2031
Miami, Florida, November 12, 2014, Print pdf

AmLight Consortium Research & Education Network Helps Transmit FIFA World Cup in 8K from Brazil to Japan
Miami, Florida, July 22, 2014, Print pdf


AmLight supports wide-area network demonstrations in Super Computing 2013 (SC13)
Miami, Florida, February 3, 2014, Print pdf

100 Gigabit Undersea Network Innovation Bridges Education and Science Opportunities between the United States and Latin America
OpenWave Made Possible by NSF, the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the São Paulo State Research Foundation, and Florida International University
Miami, Florida, November 18, 2013, pdf

Major Network Upgrade between Brazil and United States Enables International Collaboration and Innovation
AmLight 40 Gigabit Upgrade Made Possible by Brazil and U.S. Research & Education Networks ANSP, RNP and Florida International University, Miami, Florida, September 3, 2013,
Print pdf EnglishPortuguese