Creating point-to-point dynamic virtual circuits is now possible between Miami, Florida and São Paulo, Brazil via the AmLight project.  Using a web interface, authorized users may establish virtual circuits that cross one or more networks between the U.S. and Brazil supporting the U.S. Department of Energy – Energy Science Network (ESnet) On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System (OSCARS).

AmLight provides wide-bandwidth high-performance hybrid (packet and circuit) network services to research and education networks in the Americas participating in the AmLight project.  Dynamic Virtual Circuit services are initially being supported through the AmLight East (Miami – São Paulo) connection.  In the near future, dynamic circuit services will be supported through AmLight West (Los Angeles – Tijuana Mexico), AmLight Central (San Antonio – Mexico City) and AmLight Andes (Santiago Chile – Miami) connections.

AmLight’s Dynamic Virtual Circuit Service is utilizing the Dynamic Network System (DYNES).  The AMPATH International Exchange Point operates a DYNES regional node running the OSCARS system.  The DYNES Inter-domain controller (IDC) at AMPATH is available to peer with IDCs of connected networks. The AMPATH IDC has been peered with IDCs on Internet2’s ION network and with an IDC operated by RNP in Brazil.

How to use the AmLight Virtual Circuit Service:
To use the AmLight Virtual Circuit Service users must first be authorized.  Authorization may be requested by opening a ticket at the AMPATH Network Operations Center (NOC) and requesting authorization to use the AmLight Virtual Circuit Service.

Users may open a service request by contacting the AMPATH NOC either via the Web or telephone.  To open a service request via the Web, please visit, then select “Submit a Request”.  By telephone, please call +1-317-274-7781 (24x7x365 ).  Once authorization is granted, instructions to access the AmLIght Virtual Circuit service will be provided via email.

About AmLight: AmLight aims to enhance science research and education in the Americas by interconnecting key points of aggregation, providing operation of production infrastructure, engaging U.S. and western hemisphere science and engineering research and education communities, creating an open instrument for collaboration, and maximizing benefits of all investors.
AmLight is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), award #OCI-0963053 to Florida International University, and the Academic Network of Sao Paulo (award #2003/13708-0).

About DYNES: Dynamic Network System (DYNES) is an NSF-funded project (grant number 0958998) that integrates existing and emerging protocols and software for dynamic circuit provisioning and scheduling, in-depth end-to-end network path and end-system monitoring, and higher level services for management on a national scale.  For more information about DYNES, please visit the DYNES project website at