AMLIGHT Network Upgrade adds Software-Defined Networking capability between the U.S. and South America

Miami, Florida– December 5, 2014

Florida International University’s Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA) is pleased to announce an upgrade to the AMLIGHT network that creates the first Software-Defined Network to interconnect South America to the U.S., for research and education.

The AMLIGHT collaboration has evolved to accommodate new capabilities to continually support research and collaboration requirements between South America and the U.S. But, due to technology and network protocols’ limitations, researchers were not able use AMLIGHT as a real platform for innovation, only as a transit network. With the deployment of Openflow, in August 2014, AMLIGHT became a Software-Defined Network. As a result, U.S. – South American researchers and their global collaborators can now benefit from improved network operations and support for programmability. With the improvement of network operations, provisioning activities are taking seconds to be accomplished, instead of days using the old-fashioned legacy approach. With network programmability, researchers can develop network-aware applications with access to AMLIGHT’s network devices and provision the network accordingly to their needs. Voice over IP, big data, and video streaming applications are now able to provision their circuits on top of AMLIGHT, following specific network requirements such as low delay, fewer hops, and fewer packet errors.

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