Dr. Heidi Morgan, AmLight ExP CoPI, presented AmLight-ExP updates at LSST Global Networking Workshop and Dr. Julio Ibarra, AmLight ExP PI, presented Americas Summit of Academic Networks  at the TICAL Conference and the Latin American e-Science Meeting. The conference was held jointly for the third consecutive year between on September 2-4 at the Cancun International Convention Center, Mexico. The event was organized by the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas, RedCLARA). The mission of RedCLARA is to strengthen the development of science, education, culture, and innovation in Latin America through the innovative use of advanced networks. This year theme was “The student genome and the university digital metamorphosis.”

TICAL and the 3rd Latin American Meeting of e-Science added 37 work exhibitions, 10 training workshops and talks by the four invited international panelists, such as eduroam’s “father” Klaas Wierenga, the president of the Canadian Advanced Network (CANARIE) , Jim Ghadbane, and the University of Hawaii professor and climate change expert Bruce Howe.

The ninth edition of TICAL was organized by RedCLARA, RedCUDI and the BELLA Project, with the sponsorship of Google for Education, Amazon Web Services, Century Link, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Internet Society, Canvas, Wolfram, Business Totalplay, Cirrus Identity, University of Quintana Roo, SheerID, CloudHesive Latam, Lacnic, MS2S Group, Sophos and ProtektNet.

For more information on TICAL2019 and the 3rd Latin American Meeting of e-Science, visit  http://tical2019.redclara.net
The next edition of the event – # TICAL2020 will be held in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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