Julio ExP Global Summit 2018sAmLigth Team presented Americas Africa Research and eduCation Lightpaths (AARCLight) Study findings for year one (NSF award #1638990), AtlanticWave-SDX (NSF award#1451024), and current status and future goals for the AmLight Express and Protect (AmLight-ExP)(NSF award #1451018) projects at the IRNC PI Meeting at the Internet2 Global Summit.

The 2018 Internet2 Global Summit, co-hosted by CENIC, University of California San Diego and San Diego State University, features keynote addresses from top R&E leaders, presentations from noted experts, and sessions focused on advanced and trusted infrastructure, identity, federation and access management, and solutions for researchers with the goal of benefiting the entire research and education ecosystem.

The research and higher education community has a long-standing history of pioneering disruptive and breakthrough technologies in pursuit of advancing scholarship, scientific research, and new discoveries. The community also is known for engaging in mutual-interest collaboration across a diverse set of communities to solve common challenges for the benefit of all.

Internet2 plays a vital role in connecting people, networks, technologies and solutions across the broader research and education ecosystem. Working together, the community continues to transform and elevate the development of revolutionary innovations in network and infrastructure technologies–from building the world’s fastest network, to meeting expanding global needs, to growing an extensive portfolio of end-to-end network services, cloud services, and trust and identity capabilities–for the benefit of educators across the world.

The R&E community and Internet2 are now at a key inflection point–one that presents an incredible opportunity to move forward, reshape our collective thinking and once again take a leadership role in the broader technology landscape. With a leadership transition, an upcoming network infrastructure refresh and advanced and ongoing developments in trust and identity, now is the time to set our collective course for the future. Together we can continue to accelerate discovery and advance national and global research and education.

For AARCLight presentation click here.
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