This past summer Florida International University (FIU) was selected to be part of a 5-year grant awarded to the University of Chicago (PI Robert Grossman) Open Science Data Cloud National Science Foundation’s Partnership for International Research and Education program (OSDC-PIRE). FIU sent six students to Brazil to conduct research with Computer Science Institute, Universidade Federal Fluminense and Center for Scientific Computing, São Paulo State University (NCC/UNESP).

The OSDC-PIRE project aims to narrow the growing gap between the capability of modern scientific instruments to produce data and the ability of researchers to manage, analyze, and share those data in a reliable and timely manner. The emerging technology of cloud computing is a step forward from the current cyberinfrastructure. Cloud computing involves clusters (the “clouds”) of distributed computers that provide potentially less expensive, more flexible, and more powerful on-demand resources and services over a network, usually the Internet, while providing the scale and the reliability of a data center. Please join us at the SC11 in Seattle for the following sessions:

Date: Sunday, November 13th from 3:30PM – 5:00PM
Presenters: Heidi Alvarez, Manish Parashar
Session: BE Session IV: Cloud Computing
Event Type: Broader Engagement
Room: WSCC 3A/3B

Date: Tuesday, November 15th from 12:15PM – 1:15PM
Session Leaders: Robert Grossman, Heidi Alvarez
Session: Open Science Data Cloud Collaborative Opportunities
Event Type: Birds of a Feather
Room: TCC 102