The ACM PEARC24 student program (SP) begins Saturday, July 20th, 2024, two days ahead of the general conference events. Many of the program activities will be held on Saturday and Sunday so that the students can attend conference workshops, tutorials, panels, and more on Monday through Thursday. The SP activities offer skill development, mentorship and networking opportunities which will help students begin their journey into their careers and connect them to research computing and data (RCD) professionals and scientists within academia, industry and government.

Applications are open!

Students who would like to participate, please complete and submit the PEARC24 student program application form.

  • Applications Due: May 15, 2024
  • Agenda: Coming soon!


If you have questions, or require more information, please contact:

Program Activities

Student Papers, Posters, and Visualization Activities

Student posters and papers are a hallmark of the PEARC conference series in which our future scientists and cyberinfrastructure practitioners come together as a community to share their research efforts and gain insights and inspiration from the like-minded individuals whom they encounter during the conference. Students participating in the visualization activities will have multiple opportunities to volunteer their time and efforts to the visualization showcase, as well as showcase their own visualization projects to the research computing community.

Students are welcome and encouraged to submit papers, posters, visualizations and panel proposals through the conference submission process.

  • Awards and ACM Conference Proceedings: Students will have an opportunity to win a Best Student Poster and/or Best Student Paper for their contributed work. Plus, student accepted submissions are eligible for publication in the conference proceedings


Protege-Mentor Program

The aim of the Student Mentor program is to foster the next generation of scientists and technology leaders. This program will focus on connecting the mentee to the PEARC Conference, providing the mentee with networking opportunities during the conference, and allowing the mentee to learn more about PEARC. The conference mentor’s primary role will be to help guide their student through the conference and to share his/her personal experiences in the field of Advanced Research Computing. Mentors are expected to share their advice, help their students select sessions, introduce their student to others, explain research being presented, and be a familiar face among the thousands. Previous survey feedback from the students has been very positive with 70% reporting that the program is valuable or very valuable to their professional development.

Pitch It! Elevator Pitch Session

Students in this workshop will receive personalized assistance to refine their elevator pitches, ensuring a succinct and compelling presentation of their professional background and experiences. This interactive session provides a platform for students to craft and perfect a distinctive elevator pitch, which they will then have the opportunity to present to committee members and invited guests. Additionally, the workshop is designed to enhance students’ confidence and presentation skills, making it an invaluable experience for anyone looking to make a memorable impression in professional settings.

Resume Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to empower students to take control of their career development and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the job market. This session will start with a brief presentation about general rèsumè guidelines, LinkedIn etiquette, and the basics of an elevator pitch self-introduction. Following this, students will meet one-on-one with a mentor, giving their self pitch, to review and receive feedback on their resume.

Negotiation Workshop

Students will gain valuable skills and knowledge to enable and empower them to negotiate effectively during the job interview process. This workshop covers essential topics concerning the importance of negotiation. Students will learn the best practices of negotiation such as what to negotiate, when to negotiate, how to evaluate total compensation, and what to avoid during negotiation. Through mock interviews and role-playing scenarios, students will have the opportunity to practice their negotiation skills. By improving their abilities in this area, students will have better career prospects and be better prepared to enter the job market.

Speed Networking

The Speed Networking session brings together students and PEARC exhibitors for one-on-one meetings where students pitch their professional skills and enthusiasm to future employers. Prior to the speed networking event with PEARC exhibitors, students participate in an instructor-led, hands-on training session focused on communication skills and how to make a memorable first impression. The exhibitor session features a round robin-style event, in which students move around to the exhibitors’ tables and introduce themselves and discuss their background and interests in five-minute rounds. The instructor-led and speed networking sessions help students work on their “personal elevator pitch” as we want our students to make a good first impression with their future prospective employers. Many of the vendors commented that PEARC is a great recruiting tool for them – particularly in finding students with advanced computing skills who are interested in a career in advanced computing and data analytics.

Lightning Talks

Students will practice their public speaking skills with a 2-3 minute lighting talk using a single slide to present to conference attendees at the lunches. This is an opportunity for students to highlight who they are, note any papers, posters, panels or activities at PEARC24 they will be part of, what organization they’re with, what their interests are as well and what their goals were for attending the PEARC24 conference. For attendees, this will be a great opportunity to have a quick introduction to a newer generation of potential future colleagues and collaborators.

Student Volunteers

The Student Volunteer Program gives students a behind the scenes look at conference activities and meet other students who are passionate about advanced research computing. As a student volunteer, they will have an all-access pass to the conference program and tutorials and multiple opportunities to meet and learn from leading researchers, professionals, and educators. Volunteers may help session Chairs run workshops, panels, and paper sessions – including helping distribute materials, taking pictures and attendance counts, and with A/V issues. Other example tasks include helping usher attendees at plenary and keynote sessions and helping other programs with logistical tasks.

New! Data Science for Everyone Workshop

The goal of the data science workshop is to help students and conference attendees build core skills in data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. The workshop is open to everyone and doesn’t require any background in Python coding or data analysis. We’ll provide the computing environment, but a laptop is required in order to connect. Our goal is to use the workshop time to demonstrate techniques that are helpful when learning to work with data. Together, we’ll formulate a healthcare question that we’d like to learn more about. After we have our hypothesis, we’ll use techniques like data cleaning, exploratory data analysis (EDA), and data visualization to see if we can help come to a conclusion. After the initial training, we’ll turn the resources over to students. This way, students can take time to drill into healthcare questions that are interesting to them and their community.

New! Job Fair

PEARC24 adds a new perk for students this year. The first ever PEARC Job Fair will provide students the opportunity to meet with employers and discuss current and future openings, interview for near-term positions, and learn more about the participating employers. Students will have the chance to apply their professional skills that they have been practicing throughout the SP.

Local Outreach

The goal of this event is to connect the program students with Providence and engage the local community in a meaningful way. Details coming soon!

Dinner with the PEARC24 Executive Committee and Advisory Board members:

Students will have the opportunity to meet and hear from the PEARC24 executive committee and advisory board members about their career stories and how they became involved with the PEARC community.