On Friday, March 18th, at 2 pm Miami time, Jeronimo Bezerra, CIARA Associate Director, will be presenting to the CI Lunch and Learn community the goals of the 2021-2025 AmLight-ExP project. The focus will be on the network provisioning efforts, but I will be touching all network layers.

What? Presenting the new 2021-2025 NSF IRNC AmLight-ExP project: Moving towards an Autonomic Network Architecture (ANA)
When? Friday March 18th @ 2pm ET
Where? Zoom 

Abstract: The new NSF IRNC AmLight Express and Protect project will redesign how traffic engineering and packet drops mitigation happen at AmLight. By leveraging network telemetry from both packet and optical layers and a perfSonar mesh, the SDN framework will shift towards the Autonomic Network Architecture (ANA) specification, focusing on the ANA’s self-optimization discipline to better support SLA-driven real-time applications. This talk will present what has been done so far, how we plan to get there, and the technologies AmLight will be leveraging.

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