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The goal of this demo is to showcase the benefits and challenges of deploying In-band Network Telemetry (INT) in a long-haul production network. The INT solution was built leveraging off-the-shelf P4 white box switches with the Barefoot Tofino chip, NoviFlow NoviWare Network Operating System, and a telemetry data gathering solution developed by FIU called INT Collector. The INT switches deployed at AmLight have 32x100G ports, support P4, and flexible forwarding pipelines, and were expanded to support INT for TCP and UDP flows.

You can watch a recorded demo at the RENCI’s Virtual Booth (

Demo/Office Hours




Nov 16 10:30am EST 11:15 am EST
Nov 16 2:30pm EST 3:15 pm EST
Nov 17 10:30am EST 11:15 am EST
Nov 17 2:30pm EST 3:15 pm EST
Nov 18 10:15am EST 11:00 am EST
Nov 18 2:30pm EST 3:15 pm EST