Dr. Heidi Morgan, Dr. Julio Ibarra, and Jeronimo Bezerra participated at the TNC19, the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference. The 35th conference edition was hosted by EENet of HITSA, the Estonian Education and Research Network in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city. This year’s conference theme, Forging Digital Societies, was inspired by two main concepts: the idea that computer networks, by supporting human interactions, help to create and forge digital societies is combined with the innovative model of Estonia’s e-residency programme. In addition, a variety of community meetings and interactive workshops surrounded the conference’s 21 sessions throughout the week. The AmLight team participated in two major sessions: Under the sea and SDN and Optical: New kids on the block.

  1. Session: Under the sea

Title: Developments in the South Atlantic: Exploring models for sharing submarine cable capacity

Abstract: Bandwidth in the South Atlantic is increasing for the R&E community. In 2018, four events occurred. GEANT and CLARA announced an IRU with EllaLink, connecting Europe and Latin America. FIU signed an IRU with Angola Cables on the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) and interconnection in Fortaleza to the Monet cable connecting Brazil to Florida. AmLight-ExP announced an IRU with Angola Cable for spectrum from Florida to Fortaleza and Sao Paulo. The SACS submarine cable system started interconnecting Fortaleza and Luanda, Angola. We will report on the AARCLight study and status of network infrastructure via the South Atlantic

Speakers: Dr. Michael Stanton, (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa – RNP (Brazilian NREN)), Mr. Len Lotz, (TENET), Dr. Heidi Morgan, (Information Science Institute (ISI) Internet and Networked Systems group at the University of Southern California (USC))

More details about the presentation can be found here: https://tnc19.geant.org/sessions/#s45
Presentation files can be found here.
Archived Video Stream starting at 1:08 here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  1. SessionSDN and Optical: New kids on the block

Title: AmLight-INT: In-band Network Telemetry to support big data applications

Abstract: AmLight SDN network is being expanded to support in-band network telemetry using P4 and programmable switches. The goal is to support bandwidth-intensive science drivers with very strict SLAs, such as the LSST project. This presentation will share our experience in replacing the current SDN switches for PISA switches as well as trying in-band network telemetry in the field in partnership with NoviFlow switch manufacturer.

Speaker: Jeronimo Bezerra

More details about the presentation can be found here: https://tnc19.geant.org/sessions/#s40
Presentation files can be found here.
Archived Video Stream starting at 1:00 here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.