humberto_galiza_WPEIF2017Humberto Galiza, AmLight Senior Network Engineer, presented “Mitigating the Risks of Supporting Multiple Control Planes in a Production SDN Network: A Use Case” at the VIII Workshop on Future Internet Research and Experimentation (WPEIF) part of the SBRC Conference.The Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC) is an annual event promoted by Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) and the National Laboratory of Computer Networks (LARC) University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. For more than three decades, SBRC has become the most important national scientific event on computer networks and distributed systems, and one of the most crowded in the computer science field in Latin America. The 35th edition of this Symposium was held from May 15th until 19th in Belém, Pará, Brazil. The event was composed of technical sessions, short courses, panel discussions, workshops, demo session, tutorials, and lectures presented by internationally renowned researchers.