TNC2016Dr. Heidi Morgan, Dr. Julio Ibarra, and Jeronimo Bezerra participated in TNC 16 with presentation “Coexisting Production and Experimental Testbeds: The AmLight experience after one year” at the session “SDN data plane”. The article presented by Jeronimo Bezerra describes and discusses how production and experimental networks may coexist using the same OpenFlow-controlled infrastructure, represented here by the Amlight community’s network connections between North and South America. In order to avoid undue interference with production traffic, the team has developed a sanitizer module, which filters and validates the controller messages used by the experimental networks.

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Session: SDN data plane
Presentation: Coexisting Production and Experimental Testbeds: The AmLight experience after one year
Video presentation:
Time: Tuesday, 14 June from 14:00 to 15:30