Large Scale Networking (LSN CG)
July 14-16, 2015, Berkeley, California

DOE, ESnet, Internet2, NITRD, NSF are hosting and organising a follow-on to the operationalising SDN workshop on July 14 – 16th, 2015 at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, CA.

Since then, there has been great progress made, with a focus on SDNv2, Software-Defined Exchanges (SDX) and Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Network operators and network researchers in the Federal agencies and R&E community have been experimenting extensively with SDN, through DOE-funded network research projects, through grants from NSF (e.g. GENI, CC-NIE, CC-IIE, and CC-DNI) and through a multitude of testbeds.

CIARA Senior Network Engineer - Jeronimo BezerraDespite the number of use-cases and demonstrations showcased, as SDN is targeted towards production deployments targeting to replace current WAN networks, there are significant gaps to address. In addition, the hardware and software ecosystem is not mature, leaving gaps for operators to address on their own. In addition, the SDN momentum has spawned multiple credible open-source projects, each with their own view of SDN, and driving the evolution of the implementation and design including protocol-independent framework (PIF), Intent-based frameworks and use of NETCONF/YANG in addition to OpenFlow southbound interface.

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