Miami, Florida, April 15, 2015 – Florida International University’s Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA) is pleased to announce AtlanticWave-Software Defined Exchange: A Distributed Intercontinental Experimental Software Defined Exchange (SDX) NSF Award ACI#1451024.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) deployments that cross multiple domains are constructed manually, involving significant coordination and effort by network operators.  Americas Lightpaths (AmLight) is a production infrastructure for communication and collaboration between the U.S. and Western Hemisphere science and engineering research and education communities. In August 2014, AmLight evolved to become a full SDN. Demand is growing to develop the capability to support end-to-end network services, capable of spanning multiple SDN domains.

Capabilities and resources to operate multi-domain/multi-layer SDN networks must evolve in order for the delivery of end-to-end services to scale. In response Florida International University (FIU) and Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) are collaborating on the AtlanticWave-SDX: a distributed experimental SDX, supporting research, experimental deployments, prototyping and interoperability testing, on national and international scales. In addition, AtlanticWave-SDX aims to take on a leadership role in the planning, coordination and prototyping of experimental SDX by creating an environment in which researchers and practitioners can collaborate on at-scale experimentation and prototyping of SDN applications and services, enabling domain scientists to instantiate instruments on demand, or application-specific infrastructure on demand, across multi-domain networks, on a global scale.

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