Focused Technical Workshop: International OpenFlow/SDN Testbeds

When: March 31 (1:00p)–April 2 (12:00p), 2015

Where: Kovens Conference Center
Primary Meeting Room: Bayview Ballroom 214
Address: 3000 Northeast 151st Street, North Miami, FL 33181

Hosted by: Florida International University (FIU)

FIU and Internet2 are hosting a multi-day workshop that will bring together network, software, and data management experts to discuss International OpenFlow/SDN Testbeds.

About the Workshop
The goal of the workshop is to initiate an active dialogue among those supporting and planning OpenFlow/SDN testbeds. Possible outcomes include developing best practices for specific challenge areas; expanding community knowledge base (through shared experiences and brainstorming on challenges and possible solutions); and establishing longer-term relationship building in motion. The workshop also hopes to provide broad, concrete, technical, immediately useful tools, and resources for improved testbed development and operations.

Meeting Format
The workshop will include a combination of invited speakers and community-proposed presentations in a format designed to encourage lively, interactive discussions with the goal of developing a set of tangible next steps for sharing community knowledge, exploring cross-network domain policy shifts to enable expanded testbed activities, and expanding SDN testbed deployments. The workshop hopes to include breakout sessions as well as many opportunities for professional networking.

For workshop program click here.
More details at Internet2 blog.