Project Description

Project Title: Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)@ LSST Corporation: The LSST ( will be a new kind of telescope. With a light-gathering power among the largest in the world, it can detect faint objects with short exposures. It’s uniquely wide field of view allows it to observe large areas of the sky at once. Taking more than 800 panoramic images each night, amounting to more than 15TB/night, it can cover the sky twice each week. While operations of LSST are not expected to begin until 2016, the LSST Project will be carrying out a series of successively more ambitious data challenges between 2010 and 2015, simulating larger fractions of data transfer and processing capabilities needed for full operations (which require a 10Gbps connection).

Collaborators: LSST is a major joint DOE/NSF project, managed by the LSST Corporation, whose 29 members include four DOE laboratories, five major U.S. astronomical and physics institutions, and 17 U.S. universities.
AmLight Requirements: In the context its annual “data challenges”, LSST needs to be able to incrementally do tests from La Serena, Chile to NCSA in the 10G available bandwidth all the time, 40G at nighttime, and 80G+ for catch up.