STEP-1: 2-week introductory experience

Join us for a dynamic two week experience in Miami, FL in May! We cover your travel, provide accommodations, and give you a stipend. This program is designed to help you:

  • Become more aware of the many areas of interest within the field: web programming, high performance computing, cybersecurity, networking, real use of AI
  • Determine where your interests are
  • Discover what areas of study you should pursue in the future
  • Experience high levels of direct interaction with diverse groups with diverse skill sets

STEP-2: Full-time for the summer

After STEP-1, you’ll be eligible for STEP-2! This is a full-time, paid summer program (in-person + virtual) where you work on projects in web programming, high performance computing, cybersecurity, networking, implementations of AI. We cover travel, accommodations for in-person events, plus take you to a national conference.

Example Projects:

  • Students in cybersecurity will work with CONECT cybersecurity professionals to help protect ACCESS’s CI– a highly complex and heterogeneous environment that is constantly under attack–by managing vulnerabilities, analyzing security log data, and performing security vetting tasks.
  • Students in operations will create and monitor the information sharing platform technology stack, aid the curation of assets for the AI-chatbot, and use APIs to push information to various platforms (e.g., Ask.CI, etc.).
  • Students in data and networking will install and use perfSONAR, learn networking best practices, Linux systems management, testing methodologies, and identification and resolution of networking performance issues.

STEP-3: Part-time during the school year

Looking for a year-round experience? After STEP-1 and STEP-2, you’ll be eligible for STEP-3. You’ll continue working (virtually) with your team on projects on a part-time, paid basis during the academic year. We will also take you to the annual SC conference.

Apply Here: STEP Application Form


General Information: This is a female-led program that is dedicated to being inclusive! US-based domestic and international students are eligible to apply if they are enrolled at a US-based educational institution.